Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I wanted to make a comment on that video I posted the individual Don Paris he has been selling the SE-5 through the SE-5 1000 to this date. Don is a great guy and very well educated in the field of radionics. His prices are very expensive and you would think if he hired the cheap labor like all other business companies and evade American taxes one can't help think why he doesn't want to lower his prices since the world economy has faltered so much.

I could understand if he produced in the U.S. why prices would be so much do to union labor laws that put many businesses out of business in the past few years as for example "Hostess" labor union's wanted the big money and insurance and the reward for the due paying unions was your "Fired" in a round about way by closing down their plant because of the economy.

This is my opinion only and we will keep it there for now. If any current union member is appalled with the above statement I too have worked with the unions for 15 years then retired. These unions were getting too big and the fat cats were pocketing much money and getting involved heavily in politics to sway elections that benefited their organization, so I have no love loss for them.

Getting back to the subject above what Don was essentially doing he was analyzing the picture of the person in this case his wife on the rate of 9-49 for general vitality. I like his method he would start on the dial from "100" and go backwards if he got a stick reaction on the plate at "75" that would be 75% general vitality. I think Don's is the only device that goes only to "100" and stops. Whereas my device and many others can go 10 revolutions of the "100" scale. Don sells expensive workshop courses on the SE-5 that is great because my workstation Hieronymus device uses the exact rates he has discovered and historical rates he added throughout the years.

The problem with the SE-5 1000 it has no power source it is based on geometrical designs on it's circuit board, the only power needed from a wall socket is for the basic computer it runs. This device from what I hear works great doing the "Spiritual" broadcast and analysis yet the balancing of organic and inorganic comes relatively short of success, unless you have a strong personal "Chi" this machine will drain you dry leaving little results to show for.

I have been doing radionics for over 8 years and in the scheme of things that makes me probably a "novice" at the most. I have purchased many "scalar" devices over the years from pendants to Holographic Projectors from Dr. Fred Bell to computer radionics yet I find working with a reputable radionic device out strips these portable devices to a fraction. Not only can we use a 14 mega pixel or above camera in the sample well for readings we can use recorded voice of the person as well as input a movie of the person into the machine via special connector. My device has a built in frequency generator with 4 specific frequency you can run "pulse" or standard while you send out your broadcast to that person.

If that is not enough for you I purchased an handheld frequency generator that plugs into the workstation:

It goes up to MHZ from HZ this can be used to run Rife frequencies one at a time when broadcasting through the workstation as I stated. If your in an area that is heavy with strong EMF fluctuations your broadcasting would be overcome and possibly neutralized. On this workstation device you have to meters and the specific function of those meters is to monitor those same fluctuating EMF's. If the meters together pegged to the far right or is relatively close you must move your device to another location for overall better performance.

These are just a few of such necessities for a radionic practitioner to get by. I also have 50 test tubes having different vitamins and minerals and earth minerals in each one, these will be used and placed into the "Witness" well along with that picture of whatever you are trying to broadcast specific rates. It's not too difficult to make a homemade reagents just time consuming most of the time. There are places that have pre-made bottles of substances available at a moments notice.

The material looks all the same with a bead like material but each bottle is labeled to its respective part. It's my hunch that all the material is the same but radionically treated to be something different will this be a problem you might ask, I don't think so since we are not working with the Physical substance in the long run but I would question it if I were making any type of potency in the future using a simple "replicating" program. You can see it can be expensive to obtain a radionics lab but the rewards outstrip the costs in comparison.


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