Thursday, February 28, 2013


The above video shows a non-radionic practitioner using a oscilloscope to measure the old SE-5 a 1986 model to see if there is any bio-energetic connection between the device and the humans. Most practitioners and hobbyists took Don's word for it that human interaction is the only way for the device to work but the users couldn't produce the evidence, of course the guy on "Youtube" proved it; even though he doesn't believe in this type of natural healing using "Informational Broadcasting".

He purchased the device at a garage sale for $10.00 he made the comment about the NewAgers spending $2300.00 on the device when this was brand new, as if we got suckered, the ones that are "suckered" are those people who never had the opportunity to try it because of it being cost prohibited. I gave the reason of the high cost because it was not made in China or any other Asian country like all the "Apple" products are with cheap labor, it was produce here with union shops and Don's sales were more geared towards Chiropractors and doctors and Homeopaths that could afford his devices; you can't blame him for that he has to pay the union labors and designers. To be able to re-coupe his expenses and start up costs he has to sell to the bigger businesses for higher price to get back his initial investment in order to profit in the future; single sales like us wouldn't be enough to make up for the short fall.

Most of all his sales of the SE-5 1000 Gold are overseas where it's legal to use and exploit it to the general public as a "Health" device. I am just glad it's built here so some of us who can afford this have the same opportunities as those overseas do to be able to purchase the device. It's my gut feeling soon, they will pass new laws against such devices being sold from outside the U.S. to us, the private practitioners and to prevent researchers and Naturalists from ever acquiring one for their "Natural" health practices. Some of you may say, "Good" at least people won't get ripped off! Are they really and besides do you really care if they lose money or not? If someone wants to purchase a shoebox with knobs for $100 what gives anyone the right to deny them of that because you simply don't believe in it or do you think you are watching out for their best interest and welfare since when!  I am sure those companies were not breaking arms or threatening the customer to purchase the devices they sell on the market!

You may think he or she is crazy but hey if he or she wants to waste their monies so be it that's their business not yours or the governments. Then why is it when someone sells a device that has probable sustenance for their studies they end up becoming a target of harassment and intimidated by local, Federal and State governments and let's not forget being downgraded on forums? Why can't the little guy have the opportunity to buy their own "shoe box" for whatever price they believe is reasonable even if you think their nuts, whatever happened to Capitalism everyone should have the right to get what they want as long as it's not causing harm to anyone else or themselves. 

Do you see where I am going with this?  Yet we have lobbyists fighting to pull the natural vitamins off the shelves, is it because they are dangerous no not at all, it's because of "Competition" with drug companies and their sub-outlets all over the USA they want to protect their turf they don't care about you and I and what is good and not good for us, look at the drugs they advertise and the long list of dangerous side effects if you use them.

That doesn't sound like drug companies are for your best interests or mine other than pocketing lots of money from the "buyers" of the drugs. But try taking a piece of that pie and watch what will happen! So by passing stringent laws over Naturalists and Chiropractors and private users who subtly hint that one could feel better using these devices even if it were only a "placebo" effect you will go to jail! Don't believe it, put a small ad in your local papers that you can temporarily subdue migraines using the SE-5 with absolutely no side effects or any other device you feel works reasonably well and then wait for a letter in the mail from the "State Attorney Generals" office!

As long as there is money to be had from drugs the drugs will prevail and kill many thousands of American's with there side effects...Yes they get sued but what they pay out in a law suite is peanuts of what they bring in money wise each year check out the above link for specifics. So all "natural" remedies and health innovations will be suppressed as long as their are lobbyists fighting for the companies that make untold billions in the synthetic drug industries; drugs are good for many things and very bad for many things. My investment for $4700 in a machine is cheap compared to taking risky drugs! It's a one time price that you never have to pay again, whereas drugs your constantly paying and paying as long as you think you need them by then your probably hooked anyways.

Let's say these radionic machines are pure "placebo" you have a person who suffers from migraines all their lives and nothing the doctor gives them helps to relieve this issue and all the positive thinking and believing such as the "Secret" recommends doesn't work, along comes a unknown radionic practitioner and offers to help that person for free using a hundred year old method he or she makes no guarantees that it will take away the migraines but the operator is willing to give it a shot and the person with the migraines agrees since nothing else works. He or she runs the balancing program for "Migraines" and within the first hour the migraine just disappears! What happened! All we know the person suffered with a lifetime of migraines and now is feeling blissful and at peace something that has evaded them most of their lifetime and has robbed them of good health.

Four persons tried to lift a guy with their index fingers at the 

same time with no success. See how a bottle of normal water 

affected their performance before and after they drank it. 

Placebo you decide for yourself.

Does this prove the radionic machine healed anyone? Does it prove the power of suggestion works? Does it prove the operator had something to do with it? None of the above! We just know the migraine headache has simply ceased. All we really know that the person suffered with it up to the present and now no longer experiences the pain. In theory we can say that the problem area of concern were given proper operating instructions like a software update to the "energetic" representation of the brain not the brain itself, like it or not we live in an "Informational" realm down to the tiniest atoms and molecules. So how far fetched do you really think this could be!

I am using a broken down Hieronymus Medical Analyzer a replica built by Bill Jensen many years ago. Just last night I was still able to tell my brother in law of issues he never personally discussed with my wife and I and he asked his sister how does he know this about me? Because maybe "radionics" is suppressed in many areas around world so it is not looked upon as a probable healing modality thus no one talks about it or knows much about it. I was able to such a degree tell him how bad the issues were and he told us that is what his doctor told him at the hospital in Cebu but he was still amazed on how I acquired the information just by turning a few knobs.

I am "broadcasting" the correct information to him right now I had it running all night long. I will periodically check the balance measurements and compared them to what I found in the beginning when first doing his analysis. We do use several "medical" jargons but we are not promoting that we practice medicine far from that, but we are promoting "Energetic Information" broadcasting, this is what we are sending out to the "representation" of that particular organ or substance, notice I said, "representation" the energetic form of the vital organs, we only deal with "informational" broadcasting it's kind of like rebooting their informational software package that somehow got corrupted.

There are things about radionic machines you just have to use it for awhile to really understand how simple and effective they really can be taking the time to practice with it. Words sometimes can hardly convey what a radionic device is like and how the operators actually becomes part of the internal circuitry when broadcasting and analyzing is concerned. 

If it is "Placebo" and it helps with one of my on going issues and completely nullifies it I will save hundreds of dollars by not taking drugs to kill the pain and and not having to pay all those co-pays and doctor visits, I tried everything else from positive thinking to drugs with no results insight. Now comes along a weird device with some knobs and some circuitry I do a few turns to the right and push some buttons and flip a few switches within a few hours I feel great! Yet someone comes up to me a "hardliner" perhaps tells me it was only "Placebo" I would thank him for giving me a name for it no matter the name I am still cured before I wasn't and now I am.

That's all I know that the "Information" sent to me did the trick, if it was only my mind how come it didn't work before no matter what I tried or thought in the way of positive things, are you now saying that it's coincidence? So we can say the device produces "Coincidences" for making one feel better then I would imagine there would be lots of people who have bad headaches and can't get rid of them would be wanting such a "coincidence" to happen to them so they can get relief because they are not getting it anywhere else. 

Now the question remains how much are they willing to invest for such "Coincidences" either in a machine or for someone to try it on them; let's let that up to those who up to now have not found anything in drugs or positive thinking that has worked so far with their bad headaches. It would be unfair for those who haven't experienced such horrible headaches to be a judge over the ones who suffer the most and to keep them from finding alternatives just because they don't have any faith in anything but doctors and prescriptions. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The picture above is located at
this is a ELF device which helps the radionic practitioner to get in the 7.8 Hz or lower this is the high end of their products; they have other products that are smaller and more portable 

the above unit is for sleep and it runs at 4.0 cycles per second that's in the "Delta" region! It is beneath the human hearing so that it only affects the central nervous system thus bypassing the conscious critical mind the gate keeper of the soul. This device or the computerized portion of it is built into my "Workstation" so I would have no need for this particular unit, I just turn the workstation on when doing my balancing and analyzing and it will drop my brainwaves down to the desirable levels to operate the radionic machine.

These overlooked devices end up becoming the most important because most operators forget to bring their brainwaves down to the 7.8 Hz or lower prior to running the radionic machine unless they are psychic and can do this with ease, with this unit hooked up in your area the same place as your radionic device it will automatically help you bring down the brainwaves without your interference or help. There are tons of units out there you probably would prefer to use, I just wanted to show anyone interested in a new type of device that you don't see advertised all that much and its reasonably priced around $150.00 that it might be worth mentioning.

It's bad enough you have to do all the work in your analysis then you have to make sure your in the right mind state this means everything in radionics or in any type of metaphysical work out there.    I am pretty sick of all the Cd's trying to bring me down to that state of mind by the time I take everything off and start my radionic work I am already in the "high" alpha state instead of the "low" alpha state. That is why I am glad they built this "Betar" inside the workstation radionic machine plus I have a frequency generator of 7-8-9-10 Hz that I can run during balancing.

That SE-5 Plus was sold already on E-bay I missed it! This leaves me no choice for my lab work, I have to get the SE-5 1000 Gold I was hoping to avoid the higher cost yet Don told me this device is very powerful you wait and see when you get it. Darn! Being at the right place at the right time is tough to do it's almost like trying to play the lottery. The statement below is a Quote from Don Paris:

There is quite a lot of information floating around about Scalar these days and somehow it became a catch word to sell just about any type of product under the sun.

The subject of Scalar is vast and very deep and it depends on whether you are talking mathematically how it is used in physics or in the area of electro-magnetics.

The SE-5 1000 utilizes a series of Scalar coils to produce and electro-magnetic Scalar field. This is commonly called a collapsed field because we are putting two opposing electro-magnetic fields into the same space. Here is a picture of some of the Scalar coils inside of the SE-5 1000.

A scalar field is produced electronically by winding a coil of wire in one direction and then winding it back on itself in the other direction. So as one part of a wave -form is moving up through one coil,  another part of the wave-form is moving down through the other coil. This collapses the electro-magnetic field, but doubles the Scalar component (mathematically) and produces our magic. In this state of "no energy" we have produced a small anomaly in the time/space fabric and it allows us to send information to a distant location (target) by bypassing the normal means of traveling through time/space.

A simple example of creating a Scalar field is an experiment you can do yourself. Place the palms of your hands together. Now press equally strongly with both of your left and right hands. Next release the pressure equally on both of your left and right hands. Repeat this process several times.
This is basically what we are doing electronically with an electro-magnetic wave.

Under normal circumstances, we would send electrons in one direction at a time to produce some kind of effect at the other end (like light up a light bulb). Or we might send the electrons first in one direction and then the other direction to produce a frequency (think radio).

If we applied this to your hands, you would first press with only your right hand and then as you release the pressure with that hand you would then press with your left hand. This would produce movement back and forth (frequency). Depending on how quickly you would press and release, that would determine the frequency. (think Rock Station or Country Western).

But when you press both at the same time and release at the same time, you get no movement what so ever. (think Scalar).

This is exactly what happens when we do this electronically. And when there is no movement, there is no measurable electric nor magnetic energy to speak of. So what is the point if nothing is happening?

The point is that, even though there isn't any movement, there is "pressure". (which you felt when you did the experiment.) In electronics we don't have a way to measure the pressure on time/space but we know it exists because of the anomalies that it produces.

Maxwell described this in his mathematical equations for electro-magnetism, but because it was so difficult to work with mathematically and also because it didn't seem to have any use (no movement of electrons = nothing is happening) the scientific community  took that part of the equation out and threw it away. (It was so kind of them to wait until after he died to mess with his divine inspirations).

So in today's school of electricity and magnetics, it is not taught nor mentioned. But the problem arises when, for example, electronic instruments are tested by themselves but not in the company of other electronic instruments and when you get several together, strange things happen. For example during Desert Storm, the air force was about to do a rescue mission and got all of their latest technologies together in one place (which had never happened before) and everything went haywire. The planes couldn't take off or land, the radar was making up ghosts and the entire mission never got off the ground (literally).

It took an old school genius (Tom Bearden) to figure out why everything went defunct. Besides being a nuclear physicist, Tom is also an expert in Scalar electro-magnetics. He was able to show them where they went wrong in their calculations by adding back in the missing part of Maxwell's formula. I sometimes think of the Beatles song Maxwell's Silver Hammer when I think about them taking out that part of the formula. It hurts when it comes back down on their heads.

 I wish I could take credit of the above information but Don sent this to me so I wanted to share this all with you. The pressure can't be measured but the "results" can truly be measured after the balancing using this device. The SE-5 Plus doesn't have this scalar device on its board it's all geometric throughout. I am crossing my fingers that I can use that 1 Watt Tesla Coil that Bill Jensen's sales on E-bay to become my broadcast antenna.

My brother in law called me from the Philippines yesterday and asked me if could broadcast some healing rates for his kidneys because he has kidney stones. I just finished up his analysis on his basic organs and chakra's and found his kidney's measure "400" units of energy this has to be equal to or higher than his General Vitality. Looking over the results of all his organs they ranged from 1100 units to 1900 units of energies. Just by seeing this picture alone was worth many of thousands individual tests, it showed me anything under 1200 units for him would be unhealthy for him. I didn't even analyze all his "Pathogens" to find out what high values need to be brought down to keep him overall healthy.

I am using my "Hieronymus Medical Analyzer" this is my old machine I got from Mr. Jensen a few years ago. After measuring almost 40 organs and such my energy level nearly crashed it was draining it right out of me! This is my point exactly with the SE-5 1000 Gold or the "Workstation" from Kelly, I needed to establish a ground and I need and alternative energy source for broadcasting instead of using myself as a complete circuit. This is all I got to use until my workstation is built, even if my brother in law wouldn't have told me what was wrong with him I would have known with such a low reading when all his other organs were from 1100-1900 range.

Right now I feel like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs, just itching to use my new workstation which will make my balance/analysis procedures much easier then they are right now. It would be nice if someone could make a "Tesla Coil" not just for show and tell but as an broadcasting "Antenna"; you would need two of them one would be the "Transmitter" and the other for the "Receiver" in between has been proven to be "Scalar" created energies not passive but truly active energy. They would have to incorporate a small banana cable with a male plug end that could be inserted into an antenna "out" female plug of the radionic machine I'm not sure if would have to be grounded or not.


Monday, February 25, 2013


I found this on this is a simple GSR (galvanize skin response) meter. Believe it or not it's only $21.00 its a bare bone basic bio-feed back device, when the resistance goes up your feeling very relaxed and when the resistance goes down your not relaxed, a variety of issues are going on inside your emotions. I found this while doing research on Cleave Baxter on how he put the electrodes on the leaf of a plant and hooked it up to a GSR Polygraph to see how long it took for the water to rise from the root to the leaf the electrodes were hooked on its leafs using a pressure clamp of sort but in so doing he discovered an oddity that the plants respond to our behavior which is our thinking!

All I could fine was velcro and metal contacts on some of the other bio-feedback devices and they were expensive and serve no purpose to use on plant experiment; with the above picture I could tape the electrode to the leaf of the plant then do my radionic balancing by doing a "before" measurement then an "after" measurement, this is inexpensive for what I need it for. Baxter proved anecdotally that plants could read our energies given to them and in one aspect our thoughts if it can be influenced by our thoughts how much more with a radionic device! 

I told you when I get my machine from Kelly's and once getting familiar with it I will start conducting the seed experiments by balancing the seeds and the soil before planting them and I will do a 10 day experiment by digging up the seeds after ten days in the soil and another potted plant with same seeds that were not balanced I will dig them up then I will compare them and take a picture and place it here for everyone to see. I will also have a set of plant seeds (Marigold) that were balanced with the soil and one that was not and let them grow for 21 days to see the comparisons.

Plants don't have placebo problems like people do they just respond in the most primeval way. My reasoning is I want to prove what has been already proven in the radionic circles in books in that whatever we balance it does have affect on the living plants and other life forms, we just needed something to measure the EMF's of the plants or other life forms and to measure the interference from our broadcast efforts. Of course you can use this as a lie detector for friends and families, it's also used for self bio-feedback so you can learn to get the "readings" in the ideal area for self healing.

It's not everyday you find something out there that is very cheap compared to todays standard of pricing and having it work as envisioned by the researcher. Grab this while you still can if your into radionic research it seems that it will come in handy for quick responses for "balance testing" before the actual broadcast. There a very few instruments or ways of testing subtle energy broadcasts through radionics or any other means on this physical plane; the only ones I found to date is the "RFI"(Resonant Field Imaging) the graphics are not as pretty as some of your expensive cameras but the color interpretation and the numerical strengths are nearly 100% accurate and your not spending tens and thousands of dollars to purchase it, also you can measure four main areas of the human aura.

Some people use "pendulums" but I personally don't trust them it would be too much of "me" involved for my comfort level to accept a supposively subconscious answer from the "twitches" of my body mostly my hands, there like the Ouija board you can get answers very quickly at times but they are not 100% truthful it will tell you lots of things that aren't  true. Remember you are using the planchette by resting your fingers on top of it and letting your subconscious dictate the moves. Some may disagree with me and believe that the "spirits" are moving the planchette, I feel otherwise that it is a divination tool no matter how it's made up and for what.

The more you can keep yourself out of the testing of subtle energies the more accurate your assessments are going to be. Don't get me wrong using radionics is determined by the human touch but you have analog potentiometers to weed out the weak signals where otherwise you would have considered them over the main key stone signal. Balance is the issue here using divination where it's needed and using non divining tools for unbiased measurements. There are many expensive 3-D aura modeling I think she priced it around $15,000.00 more than I can afford at the moment. 

You can measure with your radionic device which is why you purchased it in the first place but to get recognition of your efforts from the outside world those extra non-biased tools can shed some "light" on the mysterious magic that once was in radionics and bring to light the basic science and truth that has evaded others over the past one hundred years or so. After a few measurements and seeing the results from my efforts in radionics it will not mean all that much to me as I would know whatever I set to balance it will be effective whether the outsider believes it or not!


Sunday, February 24, 2013


The HDR or Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator is safe to use even though it uses 110 volt that goes through the head coils and the unit itself, I have used it for three years and I never had an issue as far as safety is concerned. I have never read so much negative statements about a radionic machine in all the years I have practice this art and there are some cheesy radionic machines that cost far more than the HDR and you don't read any opinions other than they are expensive nothing about if they work or not.  

But read about a man at least three that I know, that claim to physically time travel or astral time travel using a device called the HDR and you open a huge can of worms, its my opinion that people don't feel comfortable to know that there exists another reality beyond what was taught to them all their lives everything they believed in or didn't believe has been shattered with testimonies of possible supernatural existence and mankind throughout the generations build these "Illusions" of safety against such beliefs growing up. Once this belief system is shattered they have nothing else to cling to; now where do they go and what should they believe in and has everything that has been taught to them become a lie!

They may not think like that consciously but their subconscious is certainly not allowing it for whatever the reason for self preservation. I didn't make a big deal of it I thought it only cost $360.00 not much in the world of radionics, I would use it and then make a judgment call then I would inform the public through my blog to stay far away and don't waste your monies. Of course it didn't end up that way, I used the device without expectation as to what would happen after the magnetic treatments and I experienced many astral time travels when I quit for about a year I never had the time travel OBE's since, coincidence? 

I got the up to date model without the numbered potentiometers and used it for about two weeks, nothing notably has happened so I put it away for now. I wasn't sure if it was my incident that pretty much took over the entire year in 2011 or the machine just isn't working...I contacted Szilvia a friend of mine who uses this device adamantly for over a year and she has some fantastic OBE experiences and she communicates with the high level beings that can only be reached on a lower frequency level. She is desiring to "physical" time travel and still has not quite succeeded, she has had the dimensional shifts like I did which is beyond her or my control when using such a device.

 Apparently the machine is working properly and I believe once I get over my issues of last year I will be in the right frame of mind to use the HDR. The right frame of mind is important because this device is a "Radionic" instrument and uses the practitioner as part of the circuit if that part is not working properly the unit won't work properly. Even Steven Gibbs couldn't change that universal ruling when he designed and built the device because as in anything else even radionics has to be govern by universal laws...

I had people who purchased the device in other states calling me and asking how can they find a vortex for specific date traveling and when I talked about the problems of actual time travel (physical) the one kid told me from California that's not his issue he stated I do physically time travel all the time, I just need to find a specific vortex on particular places I like to visit.  After that I became somewhat quiet not expecting such a natural response, but got my composure in order and discussed Vortex locations. What I noticed talking with many HDR users was those who claimed to physically time travel were located in California and Florida these two states seemed to yield the highest number of physical time traveling experiences using the HDR.

It could be because Florida is at one of the apexes of the Bermuda Triangle and California is located near the San Andrea's fault line causing huge magnetic disturbances. There are a few more places such as the one of the famous vortexes in the U.S. and the Oregon trail and probably some other small insignificant places that know one has ever heard about except those who live there such as Montana Vortex.

That's one of the problems with the HDR they only work around key ley lines and active vortices. It's not everyday one is taught to go look for vortexes spinning a cloud of dust awaiting ones arrival. They are very suttle and invisible to the naked eye which doesn't make for good hunting.  There are some clues such as what we saw as kids when playing out in the woods you would see certain huge ant hills I mean really big ones at the time it was funny why just certain colonies would be these massive mounds and the others were happy just underground. From what HDRKID told me the ants that build those huge mounds are building it over a intersecting key ley line, when HDRKID brings out his frequency counter it would begin measuring in the high gauss range over the ant hill but around it barely any gauss whatsoever.

I probably would trust such a reading if it were out somewhere far from any town and underground power lines. For now the only proof we have of any physical time travel are from the people who claim they have, I know its quite lame to say the least as far as anecdote evidence goes. Who knows some of these people may have been on drugs or something for all we know for sure about them, then why did I pursue such nonsense with my HDR knowing there is no concrete evidence of it working! I am a sucker for the unlikely and besides I did experience strange happenings after using the HDR in the past few years.

It's cheap and it's interesting to use a magnetic device in conjunction with a radionics machine quite frankly the best of both worlds those who are interested in radionics and those interested in magnetic healing. But as far as time travel goes this is where the mystery starts, one has to question why do these strange phenomenas happen (dimensional shifting) when the users continuously runs the HDR everyday for the whole month. I read you have to have a certain size crystal to have the device work properly in my opinion there are other things you can use in your specimen chamber besides a double terminated quartz crystal, you can use an article from the past or something talked about for the future out some magazine.

You can use anything that would make you feel connected that is what the specimen chamber is all about! When my "workstation" is completed I am setting up a "time" travel experiment only in the 3-D perspective and this will take up lot's of admin time on my part to get it completed I will also have the SE-5 plus that a dear friend is going to let me purchase that will be used in this time travel experiment. I am getting that Bill Jensen's 1 watt Tesla Coil to use it for a broadcast antenna with the SE-5 plus that's right using real scalar energies.

This would be in a pre-constructed box all neat and tidy then a jumper wire like you see in this demo would be connected to the SE-5 output source.

This one I am showing is the SE-5 PLUS the second model to hit the market in the early 80's you can purchase the up to date software with the these older models that is if you can find those older models online anymore, I was fortunate I found one this week from a lady who purchased it from Living Visions a few years back. The two kits above will be working together as a single unit. Using radionic time travel is not going to be all that difficult in fact maybe much more precise due to fine tunings of the newer instruments. 

The only thing lagging is the "magnets" and I am working on that problem right now on how to connect these to work with the workstation and the SE-5. I got to be careful not to put too many things on my plate or nothing is going to be done this year. 


Saturday, February 23, 2013


I was giving my SuperHDR some thought since it's been a month since I have used this device from Steven Gibbs. In fact this was my very first basic radionic machine I ever used! I was told by Steven Gibbs that I could physically time travel with the HDR and be back all within an eight hour period. After months of tossing around the idea of time travel I called Steven Gibbs and said to him OK I will get your device to actually see what your talking about. I could hardly think a few parts from Radio Shack or Best Buy could produce time travel like the "Philadelphia Experiment" and that cost over hundred of millions of tax payer dollars.

When I received my unit it was a simple two dial bank device in ABS plastic case with a film canister acting as a "specimen" chamber he had copper wire wrapped several times around the film canister to pickup on the "Witness". It also had 3 switches one of the switches turned on the unit another one turned on the time stabilizer and a another one turned on the "well" and under the rub plate was a size 8 inch flat caduceus coil which produces a weak but an effective "scalar" wave a longitudinal wave which Steve told me that it allows him to "astral and physical" time travel to other similar dimensions.

I got my HDR about 4 years ago on Thanksgiving weekend and I began to dink around with it then I followed the instructions which by the way is hard because Steve is like myself we are not very good writers. I still got through it all and did my first treatment by placing the time coils over my head, these coils is essentially and old phone cord and coming into this old phone cord is about 110 volts of electricity just circulating around your cranium. The next thing I do is I switch on the "time stabilizer" switch and the well switch last. Then I rub the stick plate while turning the potentiometers at the same time and state the following: "What are the rates that will transport my physical body and all its components to May 1st 2020".

Once I adjust both pots then I place the barium oxide magnet on my solar plexus then I use my T-bar magnet and place it on the top of it pointing down and keeping them on top each other, the "T" will be held while you are doing this for around 8-15 minutes. Once the time is complete just disconnect and shut down your device and lie down and let the energies kick in. Not so easy and not so fast! If you are skilled to do so you will probably have an out of body experience after your session.

Again, when working with radionic energies/magnetic energies along with scalar energies, one could never be sure exactly how things were going to end up. Some of you read HdrKid's remarks on time travel open forums I know him personally when he lived in Florida and this guy owned his machine from Steve in the early 80's and bought for healing his diabetes not for time traveling. But what happen after a few weeks he found himself in other dimensions physically popping in and out of our physical time vortices located throughout Florida, he was not sleeping he just was not! And it took him 8 hours to get back to his timeline in many of cases.

Of course this interested me and we talked further on the subject and his many fascinating adventures using the HDR. He has a website of his predictions of a possible future(s) because the future is not yet written until the action is performed by man at the last moment. To our amazement I'd say over 80% of his fore knowledge of the future came to pass, why not 100% again it depends on our evolutionary path that is chosen by certain power groups in this world. I would like to say we all take part in our own destinies but in the real world we are just pawns in a huge game of chess and the leaders the kings and the queens and the bishops and the rooks are setting the stage where they want us to be thus their present becomes our present.

I read lots of folks reasons for purchasing the HDR especially to bring loved ones back from the dead and to change their own past so they could improve their current situations or to win a lottery these attempts are asking way too much in the realm of "Possibilities" it's hard enough to use a radionic device in the realm of "Probabilities" let alone "possibilities". I used the HDR many of times in the past several years and I never experienced the "physical" time travel but did experience a scary side effect when playing around with such a device. I was traveling at 9:30 pm to pick my wife up at work to bring her home, I take a route that is a straight shot to the interstate it is about 25 miles one way.

I had just done a treatment using the HDR that early evening, as I was traveling and just thinking to myself and entertaining random thoughts I noticed I did not recognize where I was at! I looked around the area and everything was different I can't explain in a physical sense but the atmosphere and the surroundings were just not recognizable in any way, shape or form. I started to panic and kept saying to myself there has got to be a rational explanation to this I know what route I am on, so I looked for "markers" familiar landscaped areas or markers that I passed twice a day still nothing showed up that closely resembled anything I was familiar with.

I looked at my clock in the car and it showed from the time I left to the present I was already twenty minutes late picking her up and I know how she gets when I am late especially when she gets tired and cranky, now I am worried about that along with trying to come up with an explanation how I could get lost on a straight road to the interstate. I looked up after looking at the clock and noticed I was a quarter mile from the interstate and my clock was ten minutes early instead of twenty minutes late. WOW! I picked my wife up and told her what happened on my way picking her up and she just nodded.

What happened the next day was even stranger, I guess two of my co-workers saw my wife and I driving toward my hometown and I was going 55mph since deer have a bad habit of jumping in front of moving vehicles late at night, they got annoyed and decided to pass us up and they were laughing saying that's buff! I went to work the next afternoon and these two gentlemen I work with said did you know what happened to us last night, I said no what, we passed you up going West to Mora because you were driving like an old lady and it wasn't more then ten minutes leaving you behind in a blaze of glory that we caught up with another car as we were passing them right before we got to town me and buddy looked over and it was both of you again!

No joke! We looked at your guys when we passed you the first time and laughed then after ten minutes or so when we were passing another car just outside the city limits it was both of you again; how in the world did you pass us up so quickly there was no other cars on the road that night except the two of our vehicles. I thought it was funny too until late that evening I put the two events together; from the time of picking my wife up and getting lost to the time of going home with my wife and being passed up by two of my co-workers and them passing us again miles ahead of them could only conclude there was a dimensional shift in the windows of time and space and since I did a HDR treatment that night I must have been carrying those energies with me.

Those energies then attracted what was already there a vortex of sorts and the connection was made and my friends just happen to get physically caught up in it. As for my wife and I we never felt any shift of time and space on our way back home and we never saw my co-workers the first time let alone the second time around. Then my co-workers found out about my HDR and one them told me hey you better quit playing around with that time travel box it's starting to freak us out.

This is one of the many eerie events that happen when you body gets charged with those magnets and scalar waves it turns one into a "transmitter" and "receiver" when you step out your door. In summation I never physically time traveled to a specific time only I physically experienced dimensional shifting I really don't know the difference I never got out of my car to check out the area I was not familiar with. I had from that time on lot's of out of body time traveling which was a bit safer and a lot more fun!

Who knows maybe I will one day "physically" time travel like the HDRKID has done many times in the last twenty or so years but my path at this time is to use more precise scalar equipment for targeted areas than to randomly experience random events that I never wanted or had a desire to go to.


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Those with radionic devices no matter the model maybe you're trying to figure out what can I use this crazy machine for? Actually if you see it from my point of view there would be too many things to list on this page, one could write a book on the usages of the device. We will try to go over some ways and how we might setup for those purposes.

Let's use our vehicle as the "Specimen":

. The First Step: would be take a 18 mega pixel or better a picture of your vehicle the more pixels the more defined.

. The Second Step: Don't fingerprint your picture try to hold around the edges because your fingerprints can also be read during the analysis stage and the machine would think it was part of the car you're wanting to balance. Place the picture maybe in a small sandwich baggie or better yet a small envelope (blank) preferably.

. The Third Step: What you want to accomplish in this step is to write down what you are wanting the "Vehicle" to accomplish using "scalar" energy. For example: "Better gas mileage", "Less wear and tare on the engine parts", "Extreme Viscosity of your oil" (Slippery), "Less wear and tare on your tires", "Increase metal strength of our vehicle", (in case of collisions).

. The Fourth Step: What we will do is use all the above positive statements in our finding of our rates to broadcast directly to our automobile. Take the first one "Better gas mileage" make sure all your bank dials are set to zero by starting with the left hand dial slowly turn it clockwise and with your other hand lightly rub the smooth "stick plate"in whatever motion you feel comfortable with, while stating the following request: "What is the rate that will allow my vehicle at the current speeds I travel increase my gas mileage without any external additives"? Once that rate is found and after having multiple rates discovered throughout the continuation of the dial write them all down on a single sheet of paper.

This procedure isn't written down anywhere, I like to slowly turn the left hand dial "counter clockwise" while rubbing the stick plate to see if I pickup any additional "sticks" I may have missed going the "clockwise position" on the dial; these additional rates would be  written down on paper also. After you are satisfied and have listed all the possible rates that would allow you better gas mileage then the step would suffice.

. The Fifth Step: Place the left hand dial to the first rate you found  on your list of accumulated rates then starting at zero on the "intensity" dial turn the dial with your left hand slowly and rub the stick plate at the same time once you get a stick mark that "intensity value" down beside the rate written down on your paper and do this procedure with all the rates listed. The single left hand rate with the largest "intensity" reading is the one you will use for the best "Gas Mileage" also known as the "KeyStone" rate.

. The Sixth Step: Do the same for the right hand dial but make sure your left hand dial is set to "zero".

. The Seventh Step: By now you have identified both the "Left handed dial and the Right handed dial's numerical value" with there highest "intensity" values. On bank one and two set both dials to there appropriate numerical rate value. The next thing you need to do is set the "Intensity" dial back to zero, while touching the "intensity" dial and resting your fingers on the rub plate you need to make a direct statement such as, "Let each whole number on this dial equal to minutes". 

. The Eighth Step: Once we established the intensity numerical values to be equal to "minutes", we can then pose the following questions, "How many minutes should I broadcast this rate"? Let's say it you get a "stick" reaction on "20". But we are not quite finished, we need to know how many "cycles" we need to run, in other words how many times do we need to run this rate for twenty minutes each day

.Then Ninth Step: Turning the intensity back to zero you begin turning the dial and slightly rubbing the stick plate saying, "How many "cycles" do I need to run this twenty minute rate?" Let's say you get a "stick" at the numerical reading of "10" that would be how many cycles you would need to run this rate for its completion of the broadcast for better gas mileage. If you take 20 minutes X 10 (cycles) = a total of 200 minutes that day or 3.33 hours total run time.

. The Tenth Step: Last inquiry you need to establish, "How many days should I run this cyclic rate for better gas mileage? Let's say your stick reaction and intensity knob stick at "5" there would be your number of days! Totaling 16.6 hours of broadcasting time!

To sum it up: We establish what the "Keystone" rates are in order  to broadcast those rates to our vehicle in which to obtain better gas mileage without external additives, we also wanted to know in "minutes" how long we should run these rates that day and we needed to know how many "cycles" of those minutes each day and lastly how many days in its entirety to complete the program for the vehicle.

You have to be specific when broadcasting remember the "universe" takes the least path of resistance to comply and it may not be to your liking how it obtained those results. If your not specific your vehicle may breakdown and not run for several days there you have it you saved on gas! I know this statement sounds ridiculous but I have seen these things happen to others who have used their radionic machines for "wishes" and did not get specific on how they wanted it to be accomplished so the universe took the least path of resistance to bring the change about.

I like to add at the end of each statement request in each of the "steps" above with the following worded phrase: "With no harm to no one or no thing with justice for all, and thy will be done"! This is a phrase of "protection" since being human we couldn't possibly cover all the "bad" things that could happen obtaining our "desires" no matter how precise we think we are when establishing a verbal request on a radionic device. The universe is vast and much more intelligent then we are but radionic machines on the other hand are not! Like a computer we have to program the information using "Divination" when rubbing the "Stick" plate while directing or stating our desires. When the radionic device broadcasts this information the universe listens not to you but to the broadcast it's not what you mean it's what you programmed.

Don't be too needy a radionic machine may seem like a "toy" or another type of electronic gizmo lying around the house, but use it the wrong way you can be hurt I guarantee this will happen! But if you insist not following the precautions given as advice here then you will experience as so many others continually do the backlash of the universal law on a "so many levels" and a variety amount of ways it could happen! Let your imagination create any possible broadcasts you desire; it will work for you in "relationships", "monies", "houses", "spirituality". There are books out there that contain over 17000 different rates that means there are over seventeen thousand methods of accomplishing just about anything you want in a general sense if you think it someone already been there and done it and it's probably located in those rate books somewhere.

To be truly a pioneer is to discover new rates for "possibilities" not only "probabilities". I mean simply "probabilities" are situations that we are ready to make a breakthrough thus balancing it just gives it a little push using radionics to accomplish the finished product. Such as, let's say you were studying for a physical exam  (preparation) for the past two weeks but you feel somewhat scared that you would not pass your test so you find the rates for eliminating "fear" that evening or up to testing time using your device to broadcast those rates to you and behold when you sat down ready to take your test you had no "fear" that you felt a few days ago and of course you passed your test. So "probabilities" are situations you have prepared for or that have already been proven and accomplished by someone in the past or present and you're just repeating such efforts.

Radionics works great as a "probability" analyzer like Don Paris likes the coin the phrase on his site. Now "possibilities" on the other side of the coin is pure "adventure" and "exploration" when it comes to radionic broadcasting. Take for example: It has not been proven we can communicate with plants mentally; there is no modern tools out there to see if the "plants" can pickup our thoughts and what we want it to do for us. The only machine I am aware of to date is a "Polygraph" device that reads galvanic skin responses from a persons skin reaction responding to pointed questioning.

Some scientists place the plant by clipping an electrode to one of its leafs and when "fire" was brought close to the plant with a lit match the polygraph signals were scratching all over the place on the recording paper. Apparently the plant thought it was going to be destroyed in the fire from the match being brought next to it. What radionics has done in these cases from anecdotal evidence submitted we have been able to communicate with the same plant using numerical rates that represent the plant itself and using a piece of the plant like a leaf and a picture to put into the specimen chamber  we were able to broadcast our desires directly through scalar waves to the intelligence center of the plant itself and the plant would respond!

How do we know this worked? The only way to know is to perform the same experiment using your machine and with patience wait for the results, if your balancing seeds once balanced, plant them in a small plastic pot with topsoil and water daily and put another group of the same seeds from the package into another small plastic pot with topsoil but without the balanced treatment. Cologne Germany IRT did this exact thing but waited for only 10 days before digging up both pots of seeds and comparing them side by side for the unique differences that were visibly obvious.

The end results were amazing! Even though for those ten days you seen and felt and heard nothing going on when you balanced the seeds; the magic began starting on day one of the ten days, it wasn't until you dug them up did you see any differences otherwise you had to take it by faith starting from day one when you did your first broadcast that it was doing something magic (communication). You could have waited 21 days out and seen both plants mature to see which one looked hugely better and more robust this kicks out any "placebo" that could have took place if you were balancing a person for a sickness (psychosomatic) illnesses.

Explorations is where it is at in radionics, doing the "possibilities" those things that seem at the moment "impossible" to accomplish with such a small radionic device. You might want to use it to communicate with the "spiritual" realm or with aliens from another dimension; if you can think it then it manifests in the realm of probabilities then to the physical manifestation. But just like the plant you have to have patience and record all your steps not forgetting how you did it in the first place so you can reproduce the same event or affect. If you fail, so what, try again re-do your "statements" or change the times or cycles this is what explorations are all about.

I want you all to know everything I have written in this blog comes from impromptu writing I don't think ahead of time to plan a blog entry I write as I am inspired to do so. I tried to think about what I wanted to write ahead of time to help practitioners in numerous ways and I even wrote using word documents then transfer it to the blog but even using that as a template I ended up changing most of the wording. So you just have to put up with my layman's way of  communicating to get the underline meaning of what I am trying to convey.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I was reading Karl Welz's site on his frequency generators he calls radionic machines, if you had not notice by now Karl is mostly into Witchcraft and using Spells, just read into his site he makes no secrecy of such practices but no worries society has learned to be tolerant to all kinds of species lately. None of us are perfect and we all have our own "sins" to bare, what I wanted to discuss is about Karl's "wishing" machines or any other wishing machine made on the markets. They are similar to radionic devices but far different which makes them much more unreliable when you want to get down to specifics in order to protect yourself, well, from yourself.

Sometimes we ask for things that aren't good for us or we ask for things that are good for us but we make no provisions for our safety and how your desires will come about. It's important to understand that "Scalar" energies take the least path of resistance to "manifest" into the physical realm the "Secret" talks about that. That's why we need more control when "manifesting" by telling the device not only what you want but being able to set the fine tuners to avoid the "least path of resistance".

I have experienced "manifestation" for the past 3 years and it feels great when you get what you desired; but it's the path it takes that creeps upon the receiver for the manifestation to happen that can be painful or unwarranted. By using a real radionic machine not a frequency generator with tuner knobs, you can find those exact rates and exactly how you want the "manifestation" to take place. But look, Karl's machines have input and output plates on his device and look they have potentiometers! It might look nice to the newly uniformed radionic beginner, but a frequency generator is designed for only one thing that is emitting a selective number of frequencies that Dr. Rife succeeded in doing for healing various diseases.

Originally Dr. Rife had no input or output plates, he did have potentiometers but they were there just to the tune to the correct frequencies. In fact if your interested in frequency generators the GB4000 is the best out there on the markets and if you feel you need an input and output plate just have someone electronically inclined to create a input and output plate and hook up the plates to the GB box "auxiliary output" you can try to see if it will work radionically. When you turn it on it will run whatever frequency you desire but just remember "Frequencies" and "Rates" on a radionic machine are completely opposite. The "rates" are numerical identifiers found using the potentiometers it picks up on scalar signature energies of the "witness" kind of like a radio tuner. 

 If you go after these so called "frequency" generators thinking your getting a radionic device you are going to be highly disappointed. They are completely two distinct different pieces of equipment designed for two completely different functions and operations. Frequency generators have there place in lab work they  can provide many mini miracles such as if you know the frequencies of a "Bat" and they are listed out there, you can play it at your campsite through this generator but you won't hear it because it's ultrasonic, yet the insects hear it and flee away from the known areas with the frequencies being emitted, it's a great bug repellent tool.

When you need to do deep analysis on yourself or your wife or family or friends it takes more than individual frequencies to identify the problem areas in question. Remember radionic practice has been suppressed in the U.S. for over a 100 years but while the US fought wars against its practices, Europe has been embracing such practices with great success. No sense in going into why this happened everyone pretty much knows the history of the U.S. and all its past crusades to weed out anyone who tries to take the piece of the "markets" share away from the big boys.

But it doesn't mean that what was learned in the past one hundred years was a waste, it took very dedicated men and women whom some ended up in prison, had to find out how these devices work and what there limitations were and the list goes on and on. These pioneers of our past paved the way for you and I of the current and far into the future generations for us to learn how to access this "energy" that Tom Bearden calls, "Scalar" longitudinal waves. But we need a "tuner" and "amplifier" to gain access to such waves. One that comes to mind is the "Tesla" coils, these when activated create harmless energy ribbons you can actually see and feel. The space between the silver globes is a vortex called, Aether or Scalar energies centralizing.

That is where the "radionic" device comes into play depending  whether generic or custom made this will determine how much  scalar control you actually have when performing "manifestation" or "objective" analysis on people/places/things. Don't get too caught up into ads claiming "scalar" this and scalar that; these ads are designed to keep you from using good common sense and good judgment before getting involved in such play.

First do your homework know the facts about "Scalar" and the ability to "manipulate" it for your benefit. We are all still learning everyday and I supposed we will keep learning until the end of time that is how we grow! You maybe asking right now how do I know when using a radionic device that I am actually creating an alternate reality within my life? The only suggestion is to get a few pieces of testing equipment designed to follow scalar activity and if you did balance something that equipment minimally should show you signs that were not there before. Like in my last post I need that RFI Aura Detection and Interpretation software and handheld EMF detector it comes with.

The Dark Field Microscope is just an added expense to see the changes in my blood cells after I create and consume my potent elixirs using "Scalar" energies. We tune into specific rates to tell the radionic device what to create within the liquid and we do this by manipulating again "scalar" energies and we can also see the physical evidence of the liquid before and after the "replication" or "potentizing". This above is just for your satisfaction only, it doesn't prove scientifically such things have happened only anecdotally and if so we can't prove that it wasn't something else involved instead of the machine we actually used in the process.

In other words it will make the operator feel something happened beyond their understanding and accept it at that. My wife and I met this store owner at a mall, after introducing ourselves she took up my offer to to see if I could help her bad foot problem and within one week we came back to see her and she paid me because she was so happy her foot healed. The work involved in that operation with my old Hieronymus device was huge and it took lot's of broadcasting time to complete. Did I need evidence, not really but it made me feel good when the evidence did show itself and anecdotal evidence at best.

There is one last thing I want you all to consider do not illegally use this device and claim it heals people because it doesn't! The machine is a "amplifier" of sorts; what we are specifically dealing with is the person's "Energy" body. You heard it time and time again on the "Secret" we are a body within a body this energy body gets its power from the known "Chakras". It is this structure that the radionic machine balances and heals, it sends the perfect blueprint of information to the "energy body" so this "Information" would be picked up by the brain and it is the brain and its built in natural abilities that does the healing all we did was facilitate the new information back into the biological computer (us)!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I was ready to order my software from Don Paris for the SE-5 as I was getting everything ready for my orders I realized that most of all radionic software is written in "Microsoft" you see I have an Apple MacBook Pro that only reads "OSX" from Mountain Lion. It's pretty useless for "Microsoft" programs to be used with so I decided to purchase the Windows 7 and use "BootCamp" to assist us to partition our Apple Hard drive and give Windows 7 about 83 gigabytes of hard drive space, this should give Microsoft Windows enough space to work with on any future programs.

It was really hard because unless you can find help on the web your hurting! We looked all over the web and we did this more than once until we found a step by step instructions someone was nice to publish online! It took us with all the security updates and initial windows program itself around five and one half hours from start to finish! The reason I wanted to use my Mac instead of my Sony Desktop Computer because I wanted to make it portable where ever I went plus my laptop is the best. My RFI and the SE-5 software program also runs on Microsoft not OSX Mountain Lion. RFI Source...

  I would like to see for once some of these Microsoft programs be upgraded to OSX for better performance. But I got the best of both worlds on my MacBook Pro both OSX and Windows residing separately on the same fast running machine only partitioned so Windows can have direct access of Mac's Pro. With the RFI aura electromagnetic reading and analytical software I will use this by having my wife measure specific parts of the area where my radionic units will set; then I will take a picture of the site with the machine down and use this as the main template to which those specific points would be given a color interpretation and those readings and colors will be overlaid onto the picture (Before).

Then I will have another picture taken when I am running it, my wife will then measure the exact same specific points around me in my operation as we did before I sat down. Once those interpretations and colors are overlaid on that picture then we can see there comparisons how the operator and device were affected  during the operation. For the price the company sells it for; it is very inexpensive and you get every pennies worth in each analysis. There is just so much a person can do if they have all the advance lab equipment. I found a "DarkField" microscope for several hundred dollars this helps us see fluids that are effected by "broadcasting" radionic rates that you can't see with a reg. scope.

Don Paris told me back in 2004 he owns a DarkField microscope and that is how he was able to show pictures of liquids before and after balancing them with IDF''s using the SE-5 plus. He told me you can too if you can afford $10,000, back then he was correct! Now you can get it for under $1400.00 here is a link of his sample using a DarkField microscope.

Why is this so important! Because the liquid you see on the left slide on that link above is just plain mineral water the reason for the mineral water is so the "IDF"s have something to latch on to and to program within the liquid; if you would use "distilled" water you couldn't program the water molecules. Is there scientific proof? Not! But we do have very strong anecdotal evidence showing us these IDF's are real and can affect the "Physical" realm just as easy. For now the only thing that has been consistent is using mineral type water when creating homeopathic elixirs and doing radionic "replicating" procedures. That is why we need researchers to discover new and old ways.

With the use of the "DarkField" microscope we can witness such an event take place. This is in the low middle range in pricing around $1300.00 as you can see you can connect your laptop to the microscope and save video or stills.

Your probably thinking where do I come up with all this stuff! I have been preparing for this lab for a very long time try for about 15 years a long time to wait for me. When possible I would ask online the right people the right questions then taking those answers and recording them until a time which happens to be now when I would be ready to invest my time and monies to do what I love to do and that is radionics. It's not good enough to believe with "Faith" totally not all people possess such faith, and once in awhile I like to see anecdotal evidence of my hard work. Besides it will be fun to show my readers this stuff really works, I personally know it does and witnessed it in my own radionic broadcasting to people when I was working for a living and did it on my weekends.

I want to get heavily into homeopathic elixirs these are substances created from the "Etheric" to the "Physical" realm in a mineral type elixir; one can broadcast the contents of it to a person needing care or one can create it to consume and for others to consume for their personal issues. Myself I want to use colloidal "Silver" when preparing a broadcast the IDF's can be programmed right onto the "silver" particles. Yes I will have to purchase a "Colloid" silver generator this is a reasonable device and besides the radionic value , it has physical health values as well.

Here too is the link to that site: 

You have to be careful when consuming colloidal silver because if you take too much at once you will have unpleasant side effects such as fever, chills etc. That is only because the colloidal silver attacks foreign bodies within our fat cells and organs throughout and dumps them into our blood stream and our immune systems antibodies attack it immediately. 

It's my hopes all those whoever entertained the idea of starting a "Radionic" lab can get some ideas they haven't thought of before when they read this blog. The more practitioners out there will help the ''art" immensely bringing to life that was once in a darken room of some other era in times past out into the light in our present and our future.